Thursday, April 4, 2013

Maggie doorhanger

We had a Maggie swap on the CMB in Feb and the project was to alter a doorhanger for
our partner and use a Maggie image on it. My partner liked these words for her bedroom
door to get a little privacy from her 4 children for her and her hubby. She said both she and her husband loved it!

Banner for hope lodge reunion in June

This is the biggest banner I have made yet. It has 12 different parts.
The theme of the reunion will be a western theme and I was asked to
have it say welcome home. I used cowboy Tilda image as my banner piece
to separate the two words and Jolle's embellies for the cowboy and cowgirl
boots on the ends. This Hope Lodge houses many cancer patients and their caregivers
for free while they are undergoing treatment in Ia city. Hope you like it!

Banner for a 9 yr old girl who has had 27 surgeries on her mouth

I made this for a young lady named Emma who has been thru allot. She was born with a cleft pallet and a hole behind her front teeth, She is the grand daughter of one of our deacon's at church.
She loves purple and aqua blue , butterflies and sparkle too. LOL


Banners banners banners

As some of you know my dh, Bill, is fighting a type of cancer that has attacked his
bones and blood called multiple myeloma. So I had to make him a banner for his hospital room to encourage him.
This is what I came up with! I wanted to show the different things I felt would help him get well.
First our love of over 33 years, second our faith in a God of love and the many prayers being prayed for us and finally the medical staff that have been working so hard at the University of Iowa Hospital.

Here's a pic of my love getting his hair cut off by our future dil. It was coming out in clumps so off went the beard and the hair on his head. I couldn't get it to stay rotated..sorry!