Friday, June 1, 2012

A couple of wedding cards

I have been showing some of my wedding crafts for my dd's wedding but I also have 2 nephews who are also getting married soon. So I decided it was time to get a couple more wedding cards made.
For this first one I used my cricut and cut the bride and groom and words. For the second I also used
my cricut for the words.  I don't have time today to tell you too much about how I made these but most of
you can figure that out I suspect. I also made thehandmade flowers on here and thought they looked perfect
on thse projects. I am not showing the inside of the 2nd card because I had already written my message inside.

                     After the ribbon band is removed you can see the top of the wedding dress better

                                                We can't forget the groom now can we?

And since this is a trifold card here is the bottom half, I got this cute little twinchie from futura at the CMB in a swap and thought it was the perfect final touch for this card

                                              The message says Two hearts that beat as one.

                                              Here's my other card for my nephew's wedding

         If any of you know my daughter then shhhhhh, cause the first one will be for her and Patrick

                             Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to follow me. Kathy

I have a couple more projects to share with you today

First I will share some bead and flower sprays I just finished this morning. I have joined a new website recently called minalbumscraps and for my first swap there I decided to join a flower and bead spray swap. I have made a few ofthese before and they lool really gorgeous on projects. It can save you some $$$$ also when you learn to make your own and you can make it just to suit your project. But it's always fun to see what others do as well with something like this. We were to make 5 sprays with at least 3 flowers with a minimum diameter of 1/2 inch -1 inch and at least 3 nice beads.

                                                            Here's what I came up with

The whole group, bagged and ready to send

Actually this swap is still open if anyone else wants to try it. ;0)