Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

I just thought I would share with my blog "friends" these little Easter
projects I have done both for myself and for friends in swaps. Also
a little Easter fun with the grandkids as well.

                                                   This first is a tag received from Kauia Melody at the CMB
                                                          in the Easter Swap, her talent amazes me!

Here are my altered paper Easter Bags, made for my grandchildren they aren't super
fancy but I think theyturned out cute. And they enjoyed all the goodies inside too!

This is an Easter Banner I made with the Cricut Easter cart for Kauia Melody

Details up close

Girly Egg Carton made for my gdaughter Eva age 5
the top is painted with pearly Lavendar MS acrylics altho it's not showing up too
well in this picture, she loves purple!

Boy version for 3 yr old grandson

I will publish the rest in a new post. Happy Easter everyone, don't forget the
true reason for this season. Jesus died to save us all and rose again defeating death and sin.

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  1. Such cute egg cartons! great idea for transporting those special eggs, wish I had looked at this before we took the grandkids eggs home with them in the plain egg cartons!!