Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tammy's beautiful creations

I had a private swap with a sweet lady named Tammy, despite her health problems and the loss of her Grandma during this time she made me some gorgeous crafts. Let me share them with you.
Tammy had a machine embroidery buisness and makes the most amazing things with her talent and
machine. She made me this gorgeous pillow with Jesus carrying his cross and one of my fav bible verses on it. The colors match my living room too so it looks perfect.

I should have put this picture first because it has the whole swap
from her in it...just look at all these amazing crafts. We also shared a few things from our stash with
each other.

The purple shirt in the background was a custom made shirt for me to wear to my Red Hat
Ladies get together's. I just love it!
And she suprised me with this amazing birthday banner also, made with a Silhoutte Cameo machine and Our Ladies diary paper. Then she threw in some matching paper she found.
Next she made me 2 fairy trays and a little fairy journal, a pouch for keeping computer discs into and a sweet white cross. I love it all. Thankyou Tammy for an amazing swap.

I will end by showing a closeup of one of the letters on the banner and a pic of myself proudly wearing the shirt she embroidered for me.

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