Friday, October 28, 2011

Tags made for Christmas tag swap on the CMB

Hello Ladies,
I made these 8 tags, 4 apiece, for scrappingwen and buggyforcricut
We were to make a snowman tag, Christmas tag, angel tag and New Years
My partners had different tastes so I made some of their tags different.
Buggyforcricut likes bright colors like red and pink while Gwen wanted
a more vinatgey brick red, vintage santa look. She doesn't like pink.
So here's what I came up with.
For buggyforcricut
other side

                                                  Tag 2

                                                    Side 2

The next two are nearly identical for both ladies
(ie the angel and New Year tags)

Side 2

These are my wild and crazy, colorful
new years tags! LOL
They are both the same.

                                                      Side 2

                  Finally here's Gwen's 2 other tags with her preferences,
she wanted a vintage santa and here's also her snowman sans the pink.

                              and the other side of her snowman......

Thanks for stopping by, I hope my partners
will like what I made for them.


  1. These are great Kathy! I love the pink non-traditional Christmas colors. the angels are beautiful. Great job!